2-4 Players | Ages 12+ | 25 Minutes

INSIDE: 82 Star System Cards, 26 Event Cards, 4 Reference Guides, 4 Development Trees, 4 Resource Trackers, 12 Wooden Sticks & 1 Instruction Manual

Sentience is a peculiar anomaly of causality. Trillions of random events spanning an unfathomable timeline has led to a singular planet, among a star with 8 planets, among a galaxy with 100 billion stars, among a universe with 100 billion galaxies, to develop life complex enough to question the mysteries of their own existence. The story of our origin surrounds us, but it is up to us to uncover where we are from, who we are, and where we are going.

Players attempt in real-time to develop star systems teeming with planets, moons, comets and asteroids that are capable of supporting life through the attainment of Carbon, Oxygen and Water. A player can win by either accumulating enough vital resources, developing life in multiple planetary systems or intelligence has emerged. Random events occur during this process, and can either benefit or hinder your journey. Do you have what it takes to develop a star system capable of supporting life?


Aurora How To Play Video

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