4-8 Players | Ages 16+ | 20 Minutes

INSIDE FURY and RAGE: 8 Death! Cards, 4 Live! Cards, 20 Attack Cards, 22 Defense Cards and 1 Rules Sheet

Guess what? You're going to die. It's 110% likely to happen. Sure, your chances of dying via spontaneous combustion is 140 million to one, but your chance of dying? 1 to 1. So how are you going out? In a brilliant grandeur of epic proportions or choking on a partially chewed piece of chocolate birthday cake? Whatever the method, you've only got one shot, so why not make it one awesome story. And who knows, maybe you can come back and haunt the heck out of some people.

You and your friends (well, anyone really) try to avoid dying via the use of various attack and defense cards that resemble some of the finer ways to induce or prevent death. Each turn you must use your three actions to delay the inevitable and be the last one standing or… that's not good, you died. No worries! You've just earned a new victory condition that keeps you in the game! You better satisfy it quick because the clock is ticking! You've only got until one person remains so hurry up! This game plays best with more people, which means more epic deaths, more cards, and more fun!

The "non" elimination mechanic:

In this game the last player standing wins, which is a normal mechanic for player elimination. However, in Chaos, when you die you receive a new victory condition unique to your death that you must satisfy before only one person remains alive. It is far easier to be the last player alive than to win via a victory condition, but Chaos allows dead players to still affect game play, eliminating the waiting and boredom of traditional elimination games.


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