FRONTLINE: Global Warfare

2-4 Players | Ages 12+ | 60 Minutes

INSIDE: 182 Assault cards, 102 Tech cards, 102 War cards, 16 Environment cards, 12 Government cards, 12 Gems, 2 D6, & 1 Instruction Manual


Frontline: Global Warfare immerses you into a new, modern world of combat unlike traditional, fantasy-themed card games. Players manage their economy while interacting and fighting in a realistic atmosphere complete with commonly known soldiers, officials, military and commercial vehicles, buildings and much more. Many cards represent features of our society such as taxation, trade agreements, social programs, law, products and services, Technology, Government, historical events and the Environment. With 400 unique cards to choose from, the possibilities are endless when crafting your own personalized deck. Hundreds of strategies are possible, and we guarantee no two games will be alike. Frontline: Global Warfare is capable of supporting at least four balanced decks, and allows up to four players to battle at once. The world is at your fingertips…Can you handle it?


In Frontline: Global Warfare players build formidable decks to battle their rivals, striving to productively manage their economy (while crippling their rival’s economy) via attacking and defending with Assault cards, activating War and Tech cards that provide game varying effects, and playing Government and Environment cards that reconfigure and affect the entire battlefield. A player who can successfully build their own economy or destroy their rival’s economy will be declared the victor!


FRONTLINE Preview Video

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