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2-4 Players | Ages 12+ | 25 Minutes

INSIDE: 72 Element Cards, 18 Substance Cards, 36 Glass Gems, 2 dice, & 1 Rulebook


''Elements'' is a quick playing, resource collecting, alchemy game with plenty of take that! action!  


The game of ''Elements'' is a modern twist on the theory of alchemy from ancient times. Elements includes 8 standard elements, each one a key building block of a particular substance. Four primary elements, Water, Earth, Fire and Air start the foundation of a substance, and four secondary elements, Oil, Wood, Metal and Power bring the substance to life! Each substance requires between three and five elements before they are complete. The harder they are to complete, the more points you earn. Be the first achemist to acquire 10 points, and you win the game!


Substances can be completed naturally or artificially. Completing a substance naturally without the use of the 9th element, Meta (a wildcard) you with earn bonus primary element gems that can be used to complete substances like element cards, but they can also be fused to create secondary elements! 


Your actions each turn are dictated by your dice roll. Each roll is unique, and if you roll doubles you earn a useful bonus effect! 


The dice add an element of luck while managing your cards and gems adds an element of strategy. Will you become the ultimate alchemist and harness the hidden powers of the elements?



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