2-4 Players | Ages 12+ | 60-90 Minutes

INSIDE: 112 Technology Cards, 38 Event Cards, 8 Objective Cards, 4 Time Travel Cards, 8 Corporation Mats, 150 Circle Chits, 60 Hex Chits, 8 Pawns, & 1 Instruction Manual


No one knows how; no one knows why. Time travel was discovered during a dark matter accident in the late 21st century. This breakthrough in science was revered as a great milestone in humanity’s technological achievement, but evolved into disaster. The temporal impact of our timeline since the discovery became chaotic and uncontrollable; world powers outlawed the technology within months. However, giant technology corporations, able to use their influence and power, continued to secretly send mercenaries across time to change the evolution of technology to get them closer to developing the singularity. The singularity, the point at which artificial intelligence becomes self-improving beyond the capacity of human intellect, marks a revolution of intelligence that will change the world, and earn the creator control of society.


In Singularity, players take the role of technology corporations in pursuit of Artificial Intelligence, the technological singularity. Each turn players will expend action points and use three different types of influence (Military, Social, and Economic) to develop technologies and play events, which generates more influence, action points, and special abilities. During play, players can improve their own technology tree or sabotage others through a unique time travel mechanic that can drastically change timelines. The game is won by developing artificial intelligence, accomplishing hidden objectives, or accumulating the most influence in all categories late game.



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