Rampage Games is an indie card & board game company with an innovative vision to bring families together, one game at a time. We develop games that encourage good, old-fashioned social interaction and great times around a table. We take gaming seriously (but not too seriously) and pride ourselves on providing a value to you, our gamers! Established 2009 in Hollis, New Hampshire.

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Chris Rossetti

founder & Lead designer

Chris established Rampage Games in March of 2009 to turn a game he made in high school into a sellable product within the card and board game market. Over the past 10 years he has built a strong reputation in the independent gaming community and has published a variety of different game titles, including Elements, Brace for Impact! and Zombie Road. In 2015, Chris brought on three new partners to jumpstart and reimagine Rampage Games hoping to bring his company to the next level and compete in the retail market.


During the day, Chris is an accounting PhD Student and Personal Trainer at the University of Kansas. He enjoys spending time on the weekends with his wife and frequently SCUBA dives with his brother Nick during the summer months. 



A huge fan of tabletop gaming and longtime friend of Chris, Tim joined rampage games in 2015 to help with game design and playtesting. With extensive knowledge of collectible card games he was a large contributor to Rampage Games' first title, Countermeasures, now reimagined as Frontline.

Tim currently works as a Procurement Manager at a Defense Industry Company in Woburn, MA.  He enjoys skiing during the winter and rollerblading in the summer. Some of his hobbies include playing games and collecting magic the gathering cards.