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Chris Rossetti

Founder & Lead Designer


Chris established Rampage Games in March of 2009 to turn a game he made in high school into a sellable product within the card and board game market. Over the past 10 years he has built a strong reputation in the independent gaming community and has published a variety of different game titles, including Elements, Brace for Impact! and Zombie Road. In 2015, Chris brought on four new partners to jumpstart and reimagine Rampage Games hoping to bring his company to the next level and compete in the retail market.


During the day, Chris is an accounting PhD Student at the University of Kansas. He enjoys spending time on the weekends with his wife and frequently SCUBA dives with his brother Nick during the summer months. 

Nick Rossetti

Event Coordinator


Nick has known the creator of rampage games for as long as he can remember. He has always been the guinea pig for Chris in all of his endeavors growing up. Needless to say, Nick has been helping with Rampage Games since its start back 2009. He would attend events, play test games, and assist in any way he was needed. He was the unpaid intern of Rampage Games. It was not until recently that he was able to join the gang for real as an official partner.


Nick has just started his career as a math teacher at Lowell High School, in Lowell, MA. He is a graduate of UMass Lowell and has his Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. In the years to come he plans on completing the Master’s program at Fitchburg State and receiving a master’s degree in Education. Nick also works part time at Aquatic Specialties, a scuba shop in Merrimack, NH. Other than scuba, his interests include hockey (playing and watching) and the mountain of video games that he never seems to get bored of.

Tim Harms

Playtesting & Editor


Tim Harms was born in a small town in Massachusetts. Following a lengthy stay of 9 years in Mass; he moved a massive distance of 1 mile north into New Hampshire. While going to high school in New Hampshire he met some random kid named Chris Rossetti and the two struck up a friendship. Educated at the collegiate level at Plymouth State University, Tim earned a Bachelor’s in Finance in four years. Upon graduating, he attended over one-hundred various types of interviews (in person, phone, video, paper, etc.) and FAILED to get hired. After the long 6 months of not getting hired, Mr. Harms decided plan A had failed, initiated plan B, and joined the Air Force. After rigorous mental tests and physically straining exercises, he managed to survive indoctrination into the United States Air Force. Today, Tim is a contracting officer in the USAF, and can be found trying to repair his hair after long days of stress and insomnia during the end of fiscal year.

Stephen Rossetti



Stephen joined the Rampage Games crew in 2015 to help bring the creative games designed by his brother, Chris, into the gaming market. There have been continuing marketing operations for the company on Facebook and KickStarter as well as new additions including a Twitter page that will help make the company a more recognizable brand. 


Stephen is currently finishing his senior year at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst as an Accounting and Pre-Medical major in the Isenberg School of Management. He is also employed as a future staff auditor at public firm in Boston, MA, where he will pursue his CPA license. He participates in cross-country, baseball, and has hiked several high points on the East coast. He also enjoys being an EMT on his off time.

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