1-4 Players | Ages 12+ | 20 Minutes

INSIDE: 16 Survival Item Cards, 1 Stat Tracker, 1 Reference Guide, 3 Dice, 6 Wooden Cubes and 1 Rulesheet


A Six Hour Hike. One Wrong Turn. The Sun is Setting. A Fight for Survival.


It was a brisk day, perfect for a hike. I’ve had this trip planned for a few weeks. A nice weekend in the White mountains. Got up early, drove a little over an hour. Made it up the mountain in a few hours, admired the views, and thought I’d take a more challenging route back to the base. It’s getting dark and the trail is thinning. Should have been back hours ago. The temperature is dropping rapidly. I’ve have to find shelter. I need a fire. I need to find my way out fast.


WOODLAND is a quick-playing card and dice game that tests your survival skills in the pine forests of New England. Survivors must use the few tools they have to manage their food and water supply. On each turn, survivors roll the dice, resolve the roll and use life-saving effects provided to them from their tools. Shelter is important and a lack of it can hinder your progress. An injury will stop you in your tracks. Muster what will you have left and trek your way out of the wilderness. Do you have what it takes to survive?


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